Bed and Breakfast Rooms

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The Two Story Bed and Breakfast has three guestrooms, two located on the top floor and one of the bottom. 

  • The Postmasters room has a Queen bed, a single bed and it suitable for up top 3 people. It is located on the ground floor
  • The Dame Zara room has a Queen bed and it's own external bathroom
  • The Valley View room has a Double bed and it's own ensuite

All are beautifully furnished and appointed to reflect the history of the building.  All bedrooms also feature comfortable seating, electric blankets and oil heating.
A balcony runs around the top of the building which provides panoramic views of Central Tilba and across the valley to Little Dromedary. This is accesable to all guests.

The bottom floor is a common area for our guests. There is a cosy lounge room with an open fireplace where you can relax,  read. a book from our library or play one of the games that are available. There is also a television for those of you who have time to watch it.

Breakfast is served in the dining room and guests are welcome to use the kitchen and tea and coffee making facilities. The dining room overlooks the garden. Two Story is the perfect bed and breakfast accommodation in Tilba

 You can book any of our rooms online here

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